Prescott Center for the Arts, Prescott AZ

AACT - The American Association
of Community Theatre

The American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) serves as a bridge connecting over 7,000 community theatres - large and small- across the United States, its territories and within our armed forces overseas. Through AACT, theatre can:

  • Access a national support system where they are able to share ideas, experiences, problems & successes with community theatre people nationwide.
  • Celebrate theatre with state, regional and national festivals including invitations to perform at festivals in other parts of the world.
  • Maximize resources through networking, discounts from theatrical suppliers, reduced rates for Stage Directions magazine, plus discount tickets from participating theatres.
  • Read about community theatre activities in a bimonthly newsletter, the AACT membership directory, and in publications such as Board in the Spotlight (board building) and Money Marquee (fundraising ideas).
  • Get help by tapping into AACT's Resource Roster - members who share their expertise on a host of topics.
  • Share what works/doesn't work by communicating to other theatres through AACT/List (an online list service) members can view a list of recent member productions, graded A to F for financial success, or read the helpful information sections on the AACT website.including links to other theatre resources.
  • Expand their skills through conferences & workshops in fundraising, theater management/governance, play production, AACT's national conferences for chief administrators, education directors, and artistic directors.
  • Reward excellence through national recognition awards for distinguished achievement and service in community theatre.
  • Spread the word through advocacy activities & materials that enhance the visibility and image of community theatre, locally & nationally.

PFAA is proud to be a member of AACT. To find out more, go to the AACT website

PFAA Awards through AACT sponsored competition include:

  • Arizona State AACT/Fest Winner "Crosswords" - 2003
  • Region VIII AACT/Fest Winner "It Had To Be You" - 2005