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Please Note:  audition dates and times are subject to change, so please check in periodically to be sure you attend at the correct times.  Auditions forms are available below, right to save you time.

2014– 2015 Audition Dates

Most auditions are at PCA.  Please check below or call:
(445-3286) prior to the auditions to confirm location, dates and times.  More auditions may be anounced.


List of Auditions Dates

Information for each show will be available closer to the date of each show's auditions.

THE OTHER PLACE      December 3 & 4    7pm  Stage Too

     Directed by Cathy Miller-Hahn



GRAPES OF WRATH                January 4 & 5                    Jon Meyer

Sunday, January 4 at 3pm on the mainstage

Monday, January 5 at 6:30pm at the mall

GOOD PEOPLE                     February 2 & 3                Jean Lippincott

  YOUNG PLAYWRIGHTS FESTIVAL   Feb 8 3pm       Various

STEEL MAGNOLIAS              February 15 & 16            Layla Tenney

FLAT STANLEY (musical)                March 1 & 2               Deb White

SPAMALOT                          March 23 & 24                 Bruce Lanning

THE FOURSOME                   March 30 & 31                    Rob White

NEVER THE SINNER                     April 6 & 7             James Pyduck




To save time, you can print the audition forms below and fill out ahead of time and bring with you to the audition.



Please Note: PCA and its Safety and Security Committee is working on making PCA a safe environment for all who are on the PCA campus.  There is a new item on the audition forms asking volunteers to agree, IF NEEDED, to submit to a background check.  More information about background checks will be available at the time of auditions and/or posted here.  If anyone is asked to go through a background check, it will be COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and will ONLY be seen by two sets of eyes; The Executive Director and one member of the S&S Committee.


The Grapes of Wrath auditions:

While there are a large number of roles available, there will be an effort to keep the cast as small as possible which means many actors, other than those playing the Joad family and Reverend Casey, will be double and triple cast.  There are a few roles which are featured (i.e. the Man Going Back). 

The director is looking for actors with very strong acting skills.  If you don’t have a lot of experience, don’t let that stop you from auditioning.  Passion, creativity, and a willingness to stretch yourself as an actor will also be taken into strong consideration when casting the show.  For a breakdown of available roles, please get a copy of the script (available with a refundable deposit, in the box office).

There will be an effort made for the ensemble to create the natural sound effects in the show.

There will be live music and some, if not all, of the ensemble will very likely participate in some of the songs.  If you don’t consider yourself a singer, again, don’t let that stop you from auditioning.  Assignment of musical tasks will be a process and evolution.  The music will be supervised by Philip Dixon with Chad Calhoun and April Manchester.

The director is interested in casting the show without regard for traditional ethnicity of roles, if possible, which means all of the roles are open to ANYONE.  The more diversity in the cast, the better.

Main Roles:

The Joad Family: Ma, Pa, (55+) Tom (25+), Al (20+), Noah (30+), Rose of Sharon, (early 20’s – must be comfortable with beginning to unbutton blouse as a preparation to breastfeeding the man in the barn – breasts will NOT be exposed), Uncle John, (55+) Grandma, Grandpa, (70+) Ruthie, and Winfield (pre-teens)

Reverend Casey (35+)

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the play.  If anyone wishes to present a monologue, they will be seen before the cold reading begins.

If anyone is unavailable to attend the auditions, or if anyone is in need of more information, contact Jon Meyer – 541-0209 – to arrange an alternate audition time.



Scripts and director's notes for each show are available in the Box Office (in the Gallery) to check out with a fully refundable deposit.  Call 445-3286 for more information.