Prescott Center for the Arts, Prescott AZ
September September 6 - 20
PCA's Education Program offers classes for youth and adult in Theatre and Visual Art.  Register online by clicking the link below for Theatre classes and on the Gallery's "Art Classes " page for Visual Art classes.
Visual Art Classes are available through the Gallery at PCA.  For classes, dates/times, fees and to register go to the Gallery's "Art Classes " page.



PCA Young Singers

Saturdays 10-11am. Stage Too*

1st Session: September 6 - December 13 Saturdays,

2nd Session: Jan. 10 - May 16

Instructors: Tammy Klumpfmiller and Monica Ashton

A Choral group for 3rd - 6th graders (and others at the discretion of the instructors) who will learn to read music, sing in ensembles, get ear training, proper vocal production instruction, and musical theater exposure. Auditions will be held Sept. 6th. (We will just use these for evaluations of students' abilities and placement.) This year, the PCAYS will continue to learn not only how to sing, but also the basics of music, and have fun doing it! Includes ‘performance gigs’ as arranged. Number of class meetings is subject to arrangement of area performances. Last year performances were given at the Main Stage PCA for the JoAn Ramsey Concert, Dillard's, Frontier Village, Granite Gate Nursing Home, Acker Night, Ghost Talk, Blue Rose Theatre and more! 

Class Fee: $90 (returning); $120 (new)#; Subsequent Siblings $90

ADVANCED PCA Young Singers

Saturdays 11-Noon. Stage Too*

1st Session: September 6 - December 13 Saturdays,

2nd Session: Jan. 10 - May 16

Instructor: Monica Ashton and Tammy Klumpfmiller

A Choral group for 7th - 8th graders (and alumni of PCAYS if they are not in those grades, as well as others who have similar skills at the discretion of the instructors). This class will continue to learn musical concepts as was done in PCAYS, but on a more advanced level. The class will concentrate on stage presence, vocal techniques, how to sing while acting on stage, how to prepare for an audition, more advanced music theory, musical theatre history, learning how to sing in a chorus v. being a soloist. Auditions will be held Sept. 6th. (We will just use these for evaluations of students' abilities and placement.) Includes ‘performance gigs’ as arranged. Number of class meetings is subject to arrangement of area performances. We will perform with the PCAYS at some of their performances, but also may have other performances as part of the Main Stage productions at PCA.

Class Fee: $90 (returning); $120 (new)#; Subsequent Siblings $90

# If any past PCAYS students brings a friend who enrolls in the class, the friend will pay the returning $90 fee.

Monica Ashton has been teaching music since 1974. She is a Certified Robert Pace Method Teacher and has been teaching on an off for almost 40 years. She has held numerous positions over the years in New York, and Northern and Southern California as a Music Educator. She has been the Music Director of numerous Youth and Community Theatre productions, in Brooklyn, NY (Musical Director, Just Showin’ Off Players; Staff Accompanist for Brooklyn College and Abraham Goodman House), New Rochelle, NY (GOYA
Youth Groups, Music Theory Instructor for Empire College), San Francisco (A.C.T., the American Conservatory Theatre) and Los Angeles (MTAC - Music Teachers Association of California). She has directed numerous plays.

Tammy Klumpfmiller has performed twice at Carnegie Hall, toured Europe with a vocal group, and, most recently, performed with the choir at the Firefighters Memorial. Her theatrical accolades include, Bloody Mary from South Pacific, Madame Thenardier from Les Mis, The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, and many other roles. She has been actively involved in theatre, particularly musical theatre since she was a young child. Tammy’s warm and caring personality helps every student who comes to class enjoy their time and leave each lesson feeling as though they’ve learned a little more about their voice and connection to their heart song! Her Musical Education includes an A.S. in Music Education, Secondary Education – College of Eastern Utah, Price, Utah. She regularly studies with Master Instructors of Speech Level Singing.






Saturday: 10am-Noon  PCA Mainstage

September 27  Ages 10 - 15 (or by permission of the instructor)

Instructor: Jon Meyer

This workshop will focus on how to perform cold readings more effectively, better connect with other actors, and allowing actors to better show off their talents. Workshop will conclude with a Q&A session. Other PCA directors may participate to offer feedback to class participants.

Class Fee: $25


Saturday: 10am-Noon  PCA Mainstage

October 4    Ages 16 and up

Instructor: Jon Meyer

This workshop will teach and allow practice of a cold reading technique designed to get the actors’ eyes off of the page to better connect with other actors, allowing actors to better show off their talents. Participants may prepare a monologue to perform for feedback and possible
adjustments. Workshop will conclude with a Q&A session. Other PCA directors may participate to offer feedback to class participants.

Class Fee: $25



Saturday: Noon  PCA Mainstage

October 11   Ages 15 and up (or by permission)

Instructor: Jon Meyer, Kate Howell, Monicca Ashton

The class will focus on preparing for PCA’s Cattle Call Auditions (Nov. 8), including basic protocol for a cattle call audition, practice and feedback on the actor’s monologue* and song*, and how to effectively work with an accompanist. *Participants will need to prepare a monologue (one minute
time-limit, memorized) and a song (optional–30 second time-limit, memorized [if choosing to prepare], bring sheet music – accompanist will be provided or bring a CD track without vocals).

Class Fee: $25

Kate Howell holds a BA in Theatre & Communications and spent many years as a professional actress, singer, and musician based in NYC and Chicago, where she continued to train under several highly respected vocal coaches. She has performed at numerous regional theatres across the country and on several national and international tours. Now a proud resident of Prescott, Kate is an established mezzo-soprano soloist with the Prescott POPS Symphony, Yavapai College Master Chorale, and Chaparral MusicFest, and she has performed in
several solo and group concerts on the PCA stage. Kate is the lead singer for the Prescott band, Hometown Heroes, which performs a wide range of styles in support of local non-profit organizations. Kate has worked as a vocal coach, musical director, workshop instructor, piano accompanist, conductor’s assistant, audition panel member, casting assistant, and judge for artistic competitions.

Jon Meyer holds a BFA in Theatre Arts from Ohio University, and an MFA in Acting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has taught Theatre on the Middle, High School and College levels as well as for several Community Theatres and privately including: Duke University (as part of the Journeyman Teacher
Program under Bob Hobbs), Cleveland Play House, University of Nebraska, Venice Theatre, St. Stephens College Prep and PCA. He has taught acting, dialects, voice, and stage combat and has been associated with almost 200 productions.


^ THE PCA space at Gateway Mall is between Spencers Gifts

and It's Just Sports

*Map for Stage Too 


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The deadline to register for any class is one week before the class is scheduled to begin. (The Character Building Class, has a two-week-out deadline).  These deadlines are imposed because it’s not feasible and too difficult to wait ‘until the last minute’ to determine whether a class will go or be cancelled.  We understand that many potential enrollees like waiting to register, but it’s necessary to impose the registration deadline. 


Registration for classes is done online only (above).  Please note that when you register for a class your credit card is NOT run at that time.  It will be run at or shortly after the deadline occurs for the class.  This way, if the class is cancelled, your credit card won’t have been charged or have to be charged back.  If you wish to pay with a check or by cash, we will hold those funds and deposit them at the same time we run the credit cards.  Your credit card information is sent to us over a very secure netowrk.




If you have any further questions about any of the classes, call Jon (928-541-0209).  He will answer your questions.  If need be, the instructor will be contacted to answer questions Jon is unable to answer.




Refunds will not be issued after the second class meeting for any ongoing class unless there is a legitimate emergency or health issues.  In that event, the refund will be prorated on a per class basis.



Financial aid is available for anyone with financial difficulties.  It is PCA’s philosophy to include everyone who wants to learn and that no one should be ‘punished’ due to financial circumstances beyond their control.  To apply for financial aid, contact Executive Director Jon Meyer at 928.541.0209


Mondays & Wednesdays : 4:30 - 6pm   Gateway Mall^

October 27 - November 12

Instructor: Bruce Lanning

A practical introduction to directing a play in a community theatre setting, with emphasis on choosing a play, casting, scheduling, blocking, pacing, and most importantly, how to talk with actors and backstage personnel.

Class Fee: $125

Bruce Lanning has been a teacher and director for over 40 years directing over 120 productions. He has taught theatre courses in a variety of schools and colleges, most recently including Embry-Riddle, Yavapai College, and Prescott College. In these schools he has specialized in using improvisation in developing acting
skills. In 1980 he became the Artistic Director of the Olde Towne Hall Theatre in the Cleveland, Ohio area and served in that position for 20 years. Here in Prescott for the past 10 years, he has directed for the Prescott Center for the Arts, with musicals including Gypsy and Pippin, and this past season’s plays Dead Man’s Cell Phone and To Kill a Mockingbird. His directing class will involve both theory and practice in learning to talk with actors,
schedule rehearsals, and block a scene - the basics of directing in the community theatre.


Tuesdays & Thursdays: 3-5pm   PCA Scene Shop

October 14 - 23

Instructors: Tap Payne, Ed Gates

Learn the basics of stage scenery construction. A great class for retirees looking for an ongoing, rewarding activity with fun people. Enrollees will gain the skills to become a set
construction volunteer with PCA!

Class Fee: $80

Edward Gates has been involved in and around theaters for  Ohio and educated at the University of Cincinnati. A Systems Engineer by trade, he later moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he and his family lived for ten years. Opportunity then took him to Southern California where he lived until he retired in 2012. Currently he and his wife reside in Prescott, Arizona. Mr. Gates
had served in the military during the Vietnam conflict. He has over 30 years experience in theater. He has produced and directed plays at various community theaters for over 15 years. He spent three years as designer and master carpenter for two professional theaters.

Tap Payne holds an MFA in Scene Design and Stage Lighting from the University of Oregon. His undergraduate degree was earned at Eastern New Mexico University. Tap served to the rank of Captain in the United States Marine Corps. In 2013, Tap retired from the University of Minnesota in Morris, MN after a 33 year career as Professor of Theatre and Technical Director/Scene Designer. Outside the university, Tap
designed for local and regional theatres in Minnesota, built scenery for Macy’s in Minneapolis, worked at the Spencer Theatre in New Mexico, and most recently with the Independent English Theatre in Rome, Italy.


Saturdays: 10am-Noon  Gateway Mall^

October 11 - November 15

Instructor: Frank Malle

A six week class designed to develop reading fluency, diction, voice projection, effective communication,
self-confidence and a love of literature. Emphasis will be on freeing the body and voice through theater games, vocal exercises and creation of different characters through the
use of the voice and body language. 

Class Fee: $125

Frank Malle attended Montclair State Teacher’s College in New Jersey, majoring in Speech and Drama. His lifelong love affair with Shakespeare began with a high school field trip to Stratford-on-Avon in Conneticuit to see a rousing production of Macbeth. While studying theater in New York City, Frank performed Shakespearean monologues on the streets of Broadway, passing the proverbial hat. Frank has appeared on stage in numerous Shakespearean roles: favorites include Macbeth, Iago, Touchstone, and King Henry IV. In his previous theatre home in Ojai California, Frank was teaching a Reader’s Theatre class for young teens incorporating selections from classical literature. He is now excited to combine his passion for
teaching with his love of Shakespeare with this new class, Shakespeare for Teens.



Saturdays: 10am-Noon  Gateway Mall (new location!)

October 18 & 25  

Instructor: Michael Breen


Class participants will develop an idea for a play, create a plot, characters, stage directions, and produce a finished script. The class will meet for several sessions as a group to get started. As the play begins to take shape class members will receive individual mentoring via email, phone, and meetings at PCA. Smaller groups will be organized to do readings of the works in progress so that the playwrights can further refine and improve their play. The end goal will be to submit the plays as entries for PCA’s Young Playwright Festival. Submission date for YPF is approximately mid-December.


Class Fee: $0


Mike Breen s a retired teacher with more than three decades of classroom experience. Starting in 1991, Mike has been involved as a board member and president of Desert Dance Theatre which is celebrating its 35th anniversary. He has produced and been a cast member of their production of Sister Moses: The Story of Harriet Tubman for a 22 year run at Chandler Center for the Arts. Since moving to Prescott last year, Mike has been a member of the Education Committee at PCA, worked as the assistant director on 101 Dalmatians.


The Winter/Spring Session Classes

Shakespeare for Teens: Feb 7 - March 14

Youth Stage Combat: March 21

Adult Stage Combat: March 28

Scene Study: Jan 10 - Feb 14

Dance Basics: Jan 10 - Feb 28

Introduction to Voice-Over April 7 - 28

Character Builiding Workshop: April 11

Specific information regarding W/S Session Classes will be added above late in the Fall.  Specific information for all classes is available through the Education Brochure which can be found at PCA, libraries and on the Home page of this website as a clickable link.

For questions/information call Jon at (928)-541-0209