Prescott Center for the Arts, Prescott AZ
September September 6 - 20
PCA's Education Program offers classes for youth and adult in Theatre and Visual Art.  Register online by clicking the link below for Theatre classes and on the Gallery's "Art Classes " page for Visual Art classes.
Visual Art Classes are available through the Gallery at PCA.  For classes, dates/times, fees and to register go to the Gallery's "Art Classes " page.


Intermediate Acting:

“What Do I Work On In Tomorrow’s Rehearsal?”
Ages: Adults 16+ who have taken

beginning acting classes
Saturdays, Feb. 20 – Mar. 19 • 10 am – 11:30 am • Stage Too
Instructor: Bruce Lanning • Fee $125

Materials: Scene Book
This course answers this question by helping you develop practicalskills such as finding the beats in a scene, analyzing the circumstances of your character, discovering what the other character knows,
understanding your impulses and how they contribute to the scene, and more. The class includes some scene study, acting exercises, and improvisation as a key to developing those impulses into performance material.

Improvisation for Youth
Ages: 13+ or by instructor’s permission

Spring Break Week:
Mar. 7 – 11 (Monday - Friday) • 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm • Gateway Mall, final class at Stage Too I

nstructor: Rob White • Fee $90
Have you ever wished you had the perfect comeback line, or thought…I wish I said that? Whether you want to be a comedian or an actor who just wants to hone their ad-libbing skills on stage, or you just would like to be more spontaneous…this class is for you! A week-long workshop that takes you from the basics of Improvisational comedy to performing in front of a live audience. The class includes a DVD of your workshop antics and your final performance on the last day at 5:30 pm.


*Map for Stage Too 


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Character Building Workshop
Ages 16+ or by instructor’s permission •

Sat., Jan. 23: 9 am - 1 pm CANCELLED

Next opportunity to take this class is on:

Sun., May 8: 1 pm - 5 pm • PCA Boardroom

Instructor: JP Perpich • Fee: $75
Perplexed by how to create a three dimensional character for the stage? It will be a mystery no longer after this master class with professional actor/director, J.P. Perpich (Inherit the Wind/A Midsummer Night’s Dream /Love Letters). Learn how to create a character using physical, vocal, and psychological tools of acting.

Introduction to Directing for Community Theatre I
Ages: Adults 18+ •

Saturdays, Feb. 6 – Mar. 12 • 11 am – 1 pm
Gateway Mall^ • Instructor: Cathy Miller Hahn • Fee $125
Materials: Carver’s Manual on Community Theatre Directing: A Step-by-Step Approach available on Amazon  This class is a basic approach to the craft of directing community theatre employing some of James Carver’s methods from the first 5 Chapters of his book. It is a class for individuals with the interest, talent, spirit , imagination and desire to direct on the community level buthave little or no directorial experience or training. Students will direct a presentational monologue and a representational two person scene.

^ The PCA space at Gateway Mall is between

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The deadline to register for any class is one week before the class is scheduled to begin. (The Character Building Class, has a two-week-out deadline).  These deadlines are imposed because it’s not feasible and too difficult to wait ‘until the last minute’ to determine whether a class will go or be cancelled.  We understand that many potential enrollees like waiting to register, but it’s necessary to impose the registration deadline. 


Registration for classes is done online only (above).  Please note that when you register for a class your credit card is NOT run at that time.  It will be run at or shortly after the deadline occurs for the class.  This way, if the class is cancelled, your credit card won’t have been charged or have to be charged back.  If you wish to pay with a check or by cash, we will hold those funds and deposit them at the same time we run the credit cards.  Your credit card information is sent to us over a very secure netowrk.




If you have any further questions about any of the classes, call Jon (928-541-0209).  He will answer your questions.  If need be, the instructor will be contacted to answer questions Jon is unable to answer.




Refunds will not be issued after the second class meeting for any ongoing class unless there is a legitimate emergency or health issues.  In that event, the refund will be prorated on a per class basis.



Financial aid is available for anyone with financial difficulties.  It is PCA’s philosophy to include everyone who wants to learn and that no one should be ‘punished’ due to financial circumstances beyond their control.  To apply for financial aid, contact Executive Director Jon Meyer at 928.541.0209


For questions/information call Jon at (928)-541-0209