Prescott Center for the Arts, Prescott AZ
PCA Gallery's new exhibit is WATER,WATER, EVERYWHERE? See below for details.
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2014 - 2015 SEASON

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February 23 - March 28

Opening reception: Friday, February 27, 5-7pm

Art Walk: Friday, March 27, 5-7 pm;

Folk Rock Music by Doug McMurrin

Light refreshments and beverages served at both functions

Vickie Jo Scott, Undersea Weaving

Opening receptea Weaving

Everyone has heard the saying, “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.”  For this exhibit, artists convey the many aspects of water through their art. Our experiences with water - for example, powerful storms, calm seas, or babbling brooks — can affect our emotions.  And living in Arizona, water takes on a more urgent focus than somewhere like Hawaii and generates many questions.  Will there be enough? How to conserve or capture water? What happens when it isn't everywhere? This exhibit coincides with International World Water Day, March 22, 2015. Curators: Sukey Jones, Cindi Shaffer, Mary Trost, Kelsey Siggins.

November 7     5 - 7 pm

Art Walk: Friday November 28  5 - 7 pm

Light refreshments and beverages served at both functions







Photographs by Arlene Minuskin

The current Featured Artist Wall highlights the “street photography” of Arlene Minuskin, focusing on her impressions of Prescott. Arlene is active in both the visual and performing arts at PCA and other venues.  She is a member of the PCA Visual Arts Committee.  Display through March 28.