Prescott Center for the Arts, Prescott AZ
PCA Gallery's new exhibit is SEEING RED, opening January 12, 2015.  Opening Reception: January 16; Art Walk January 23.  Both are from 5 - 7pm and both serve refreshments.
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2014 - 2015 SEASON

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January 12 - February 21

Opening reception: Friday, January 16    5 - 7 pm

Art Walk: Friday, January 23  5 - 7 pm

Light refreshments and beverages served at both functions

How do you “See Red”? Is it the deep red in a sunset, the red in a woman’s blush or the soft red of a rose petal? Or do you see red as being in?a state of annoyance or irritation? Think about the patina in a metal sculpture, the glowing red in a piece of glass or jewelry, the shiny red of a new car. Artists use their creativity to present Red in a whole new light, with creations that “See Red.”


Opening reception: Friday November 7     5 - 7 pm

Art Walk: Friday November 28  5 - 7 pm

Light refreshments and beverages served at both functions







The current Featured Artist Wall displays the work of Billie Levy. Warren Zager, who was the artist who received multiple awards for his entry in the Day of the Dead, including Best in Show, has chosen to present his aunt’s work as the featured artist for January-February.

A Modern Artist – Billie Levy, 1929-2000

Born in Nebraska of German immigrant farmers, Billie grew up in America’s breadbasket, moving to California as a teen.  Her education included Santa Monica College, Santa Barbara State College, San Francisco State University (BA, Art and Education, and an MA, Sculpture). Recognized for her unique art forms, she received many awards. She also became an accomplished technical writer for prestigious companies. In San Francisco, she enjoyed season after season of ACT Theatre and the thriving art culture.

Miles Apart – Multimedia with Cast Acrylic


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