Prescott Center for the Arts, Prescott AZ
PCA Gallery presents DAY OF THE DEAD, which runs through November 1. Opening Reception, October 10, 5-7pm. Art Walk: Friday, October 24. 5-7pm. Reception and Art Walk are both Free to attend, light refreshments served.
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2014 - 2015

Prescott Center for the Arts

Gallery Season

The Exhibit Schedule is as follows:



October 6 - November 2

Opening reception: Friday October 10     5 - 7 pm

Art Walk: Friday October 24   5 - 7 pm

Light refreshments and beverages served at both functions

             Photo: John Huff, Madonna

Visit the 2nd annual exhibit celebrating the Day of the Dead/el Dia de los Muertos, a day of rich cultural significance in many parts of the world. The Gallery will again sponsor four guest artists from Caborca, Prescott’s Sister City in Sonora, Mexico.  In Mexico, the celebration is colorful with whimsical skulls and skeletons, “papel picado” (perforated paper), and marigolds. On November 2, families gather at an ofrenda, or altar dedicated to the deceased, or at their gravesite, with decorated sugar skulls, candles and their loved ones’ favorite foods and drinks. This exhibit at the Gallery brings together artwork in both 2D and 3D, as local artists represent this joyous day of remembrance that connects the living and the departed.


The exhibit coincides with the annual and very popular PCA Theatre production of Ghost Talk, presented on the mainstage theatre, October 24 and 25.


November 7 - December 20

Opening reception: Friday November 7     5 - 7 pm

Art Walk: Friday November 28  5 - 7 pm

Light refreshments and beverages served at both functions

Our annual Holiday Wrap is back and better than than ever!  The place in Prescott to find locak, unique, hand-crafted items makes especially good shopping for those on your shopping list who are difficult to find a meaningful gift.  Art is always a great gift as it's wonderful to look at and lasts a lifetime!  Those to whom you give art, will remember you forever.



January 12 - February 21

Opening reception: Friday, January 16     5 - 7 pm

Art Walk: Friday, January 23  5 - 7 pm

Light refreshments and beverages

served at both functions

How do you “See Red”? Is it the deep red in a sunset, the red in a woman’s blush or the soft red of a rose petal? Or do you see red as being in a state of annoyance or irritation?  Think about the patina in a metal sculpture, the glowing red in a piece of glass or jewelry, the shiny red of a new car – use your creativity to present Red in a whole new light.

Working with Red as the predominate color, create a piece of artwork that “sees Red”.





2014 - 2015


February 23 - March 28

Opening reception: Friday, February 27     5 - 7 pm

Art Walk: Friday, March 27   5 - 7 pm

Light refreshments and beverages

served at both functions

Everyone has heard the saying “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink”.  Living in Arizona, water takes on a more urgent focus than somewhere like Hawaii and generates many questions.  Will there be enough?  How to conserve or capture water? Or for those living on an island – do they truly see water everywhere? Artists are encouraged to be creative for this show. Possibly a waterfall, a water globe, a single drop on a canvas or a sweeping artwork of the ocean.



April 6 - 26

Opening reception: Friday, April 10     5 - 7 pm

Art Walk: Friday, April 24   5 - 7 pm

Light refreshments and beverages

served at both functions

For over 30 years, PCA has offered a competition with cash awards for area youth.  This exhibit is wall to wall art and some of the most inspired and creative work to appear on the PCA Gallery walls.  You will be astonished!


Painting Workshop by Nancy reyner

May 4 - 8   Details coming soon.



May 11 - June 27

Opening reception: Friday, May 15     5 - 7 pm

Art Walk: Friday, May 22  & June 26   5 - 7 pm

Light refreshments and beverages

served at both functions

Go abstract and have fun! Using drips and splats is a way to give energy and movement to your artwork. Artists have the option of interpreting this theme literally or inventing some news ways of artistically dripping, dribbling and splatting.  Painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, metal and glass--  all have techniques and tools for interpreting this lively theme.




June 29 - August 15

Opening reception: Friday, August 3     5 - 7 pm

Art Walk: Friday, August 24   5 - 7 pm

Light refreshments and beverages

served at both functions

As you traverse streets looking at the buildings, cars, people, sidewalks, landscapes or alleys, you see a number of vignettes or smaller areas that capture your interest. Capture the light, colors, graffiti or landscapes – the options are endless. This show asks artists “What is seen on the streets you travel”?