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PCA Gallery presents VISIONS OF SILENCE exhibit, January 4 - February 13..  Opening reception, has been rescheduled and will be held in conjunction with Art Walk, January 22, 5-7pm. Refreshments served at both events. Free Admission. See below for details.

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The Shape of Things 

Deadline for Entries:  Saturday, January 23



      2015 - 2016 EXHIBITS


The Shape of Things 

February 15 - March 25

"Insight and Transformation" by Charles Laughlin

Line, shape, form, pattern, symmetry, scale, and proportion are the building blocks of both art and geometry. Artists can depict “shape” in a variety of ways, using geometry as a basis. This is not about color, texture or materials, but the relationships between points, lines or surfaces. Look for circles, triangles, squares, hexagons, and mandalas in the artists’ work.

Scholarship Show - April 1-24

Four Seasons - May 2 - June 11

All Creatures Great and Small -

June 13 - July 23

Artist’s Visions – July 25 - August 20





2015 - 2016

Prescott Center for the Arts

Gallery Season

The Exhibit Schedule is as follows:

PCA Gallery presents the first exhibit of 2016


January 4 – February 13, 2016

Opening Reception, has been rescheduled in

conjunction with Art Walk.

Meet the Artists 4th Friday Art Walk, January 22, 5-7pm

Refreshments served at both events. Free.

"Mirror Lake" by George Lewis (photography)

What does silence “look” like? How can the absence of sound be expressed in art? We think of a quiet landscape, a deserted snow-covered road, an empty stage, a misty morning or a quiet morning on the porch. Silence can be more than serenity or calm: like a dark, soundless cave or an oppressive, forbidding force. Artists will “see” silence in a variety of mediums, as they represent its elusive, mysterious and powerful character. Be sure to visit this first Gallery exhibit of 2016.