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The next production in Stage Too is the riveting NEVER THE SINNER which runs May 14 - 31. Scroll down for details and to see the new performance schedule.    THE IMPROVITONIANS WILL PERFORM ONTHE PCA MAINSTAGE, MAY 30 AT 8:30PM.  SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS.


How to find STAGE TOO:

The best way to find STAGE TOO is to enter the alley between PCA and the merchants on Cortez St between Willis and Sheldon. From the alley, Murphy's is on the far left (south) and Peregrine is on the far right (north).  Walk through the alley until you arrive at STAGE TOO, one door to the south of the freight entrance to Peregrine Books.  There will be signage to mark the location.

PCA is very grateful to Ms. Judith Hardes and to the Prescott Lowes for their generosity which is assisting PCA with making Stage Too possible.  PCA is also extremely appreciative to all of our AMAZING volunteers who have put in many hours and lots of physical labor making Stage Too a viable space for performers, students, and patrons.

Additional Contributors: MaryAnn and Allan Dutton, Art and Doris Winkler, Lindquist Realty, Anonymous.


New performance dates

May 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 29, 30 at 7:30pm          

May 17, 24, 31 2pm

Directed by Don Langford

By John Logan                

Chicago, May 21, 1924. Nathan Leopold Jr., age 18, and Robert Loeb, age 19, killed 14 year old Bobby Franks and were quickly apprehended when Leopold's glasses were found near the corpse. Clarence Darrow defended them, pleading eloquently against capital punishment. Why would wealthy young men murder an innocent boy? What demons lurked behind Leob's flashing good looks? Behind Leopold's saturnine intellect? This exquisite Off Broadway hit explores the complex relationship between these two who longed to create a private world of fevered intellect and romantic passion. The author suggests that, given twists of fate and character, Leopold or Loeb could be anyone who has loved too much, had a broken heart, wanted to prove everlasting devotion, or looked at a loved one and thought "I'd die for you ... I'd kill for you." This is a love story set to themes of crime and punishment, the press, the times, humanism, Nietzsche's philosophy and the end of the jazz age.


"Remarkable." - The New York Times

 "Great theatre. One of the year's best! An excellent and compelling play!" - New York Post

 "Riveting." - New York Daily News

"Brilliant, powerful and cinematic!" - Associated Press

  "Sweeps the audience into the boys' friendship without losing sight of the brutal murder. Lays out the furor and the legal maneuvering surrounding this "Trial of the Century' particularly well, suggesting that nothing much has changed." - The New Yorker

 "A taut, compelling psycho sexual waltz." - Newhouse Newspapers "Electrifying." - WOR Radio

 The Cast

Neal Griffin     (Nathan Leopold)      

   Kevin Goss       (Richard Loeb)          

Frank Malle    (Robert Crowe)        

 Bruce Thomson      (Darrow)            

  Bruce Heskett       (Reporter 1)         

Sienna Gehl     (Germaine/ R 2)      

Tazmon Slade     (Reporter 3)         


2014 - 2015


The Play I Wrote to Really Piss Off My Sisters

April 20 & 21 7pm  $15


If you missed this incredible show when it was first produced in September, here's your chance to see it, or see it again!

PCA is taking SEATBELTS to AACTFEST (American Associaton of Community Theatres) to compete against other Arizona community theatres, and then hopefully against regional community theatres, and then, hopefully, to Grand Rapids, MI, in June to compete for the Grand National Prize!  Competing costs money, so these performances are mini-fundraisers to cover the costs of participating in the competitions.

A special raffle will take place at both performances for donated items. Proceeds from the raffles will be used for AACTFest.

The performance must be 60 minutes or less, so these performances will be a cutting of the original script, down to about 55 mintues which also serves as final rehearsals for the cast, which will feature the original PCA cast:

Amber Bosworth

Allie Kate Elliot

Julie Harrington

A talk-back and light refreshments will follow each performance.


Now in their second year of making things up as they go, The Improvitonians perform once a month, NOW at 8:30pm, mainly in Stage Too. 

Admission is $5 at the door

No one under 17 admitted without parent

Adult content and language is often employed

See The Improvitonians at the following times and locations: 


Arpil 11                  EMBRY RIDDLE - DAVIS LEARNING CENTER

May 30                   PCA Mainstage

Washington D.C.'s Funniest Tax Accountant, KEN WATTER, is expected to appear with another great set of stand up and once again, play with the Improvitonians!

June 27                  Stage Too

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