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  Summer Youth Theater Program      


2014 SYTP Information!


June 2 - July 3

10am - 1pm    Monday - Friday     Stage Too

Ages 10 - 14 or by permission of the instructor

Instructor: Deb White

Summer Stock JR is a GREAT way for 'tweens to get involved in a summer stock-like production, rehearsing and producing a muiscal production in a short amount of time.  SSJR will meet and perform in Stage Too.  The three (3) Performances will be July 2 at 6pm and July 3 at noon and 6pm.  The performance should run approximately 35 - 40 minutes.

Early drop off (startting at 9am) will be available at an affordable extra cost, at Stage Too.  Contact Jon for information and to register.

For more information or questions about SUMMER STOCK JR,

Call the instructor, Deb White at (714) 323-1263 or (928) 636-1340.

To register, click on the link to the right.

The SS JR show is expected to be


It's Princess Aurora's sixteenth birthday, and three fairies – Flora, Fauna and Merryweather – must use their magic to save her from the spell of evil sorceress Maleficent!  This classic fairy tale comes to life in Disney’s THE SLEEPING BEAUTY KIDS, which features many roles for a large chorus, from King Stefan and Queen Stefanie's loyal subjects to Maleficent's slimy goons, as well as other fairies and animals. Songs from the beloved film, including "Once Upon a Dream," accompany fun new songs like "Maleficent!" and "A Little Magic Now" to bring a fresh telling of the story to a new generation of kids and families.



June 16 - 27      10am - noon   M-F   Mainstage

Two-week program for ages 6 - 10

Instructor: Monica Ashton

SYTP is a great theatrical program for youngsters 6 - 10 and is especially beneficial for those with little or no theatre experience. Youngsters will rehearse and perform a short (about 15 minutes) musical play while learning theatre basics and having a LOT of fun doing it!  One peformance will commence at noon on the last day of the session, followed by a pot luck lunch for familes and friends attending the peformance.

Early drop off (startting at 9am) will be available at an affordable extra cost, at Stage Too.  Contact Jon for information and to register.

To register, click on the link to the right.

The SYTP show is expected to be


Humans are a species constantly on the move from here to there to - who knows where! This revue explores the world of transportation and asks the timeless question, "Are we there yet?" Travel way back in time to when walking was the only way to get somewhere. Then came the discovery of the wheel, and things really started rollin'! Soon mankind conquered the sea, the sky, the plains, outer space, and the newest frontier, cyberspace!





                              photo from "Welcome to the Jungle" SYTP 2010



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Register for SYTP (click here)

When you register your child(ren) for Summer Stock Jr and/or Summer Youth Theatre Program, please note the following:

1) Your credit card will not be billed when you submit your child's registration.  Your credit card will be process at PCA shortly before the program starts.

2) Discounts for a subsequent siblings apply if your children are registered for the same or both programs.

3) Financial Aid is available.  Call Jon - 541-0209 - to discuss applying for financial aid.

Call Jon if you have any questions regarding registration and/or the summer theatre programs.


TEEN SUMMER STOCK ENSEMBLE will begin June 16.  The production is BYE - BYE BIRDIE!    

Go to TSSE page for details.

Performances are July 17 - 20