Prescott Center for the Arts, Prescott AZ
  Teen Summer Stock Experience  

An exciting and intensive program exclusively for older teens (15 - 22) — especially those considering Theater as a career — but open to any interested teen, was inaugurated in the summer of 2010.  Teens are immersed in the process of mounting a fully produced musical on the PCA stage!  The production is staffed by professionals.

The experience is designed to give teens a taste of what it’s like to work in a professional setting.  The experience will be demanding and arduous, but well worth all of the hard work. 


The 2014 TSSE show is...



Production dates: July 17 - 19 @ 7:30pm

July 19 & 20 @ 2pm

Adults $15   Youth $10

Director: Jon Meyer

Musical Director: Chris Tenney

Choreographer: Amanda Woolsey

Originally produced in 1960,it stared Dick Van Dyke and Chita Rivera (likely you have no idea who they are  LOL).  Van Dyke won a Tony award for his performance and then went on to national fame as the star of the Dick Van Dyke show, created by Carl Reiner.


Elvis Presley was the king of music, rock ‘n roll, movies and most entertainment at that time in history.  Then he got drafted, and Birdie is a spoof on that event (loosely based) and a so\poof in general about rock ‘n roll, which, at that time in history, was not as big as it became when the Beatles came to America in 1964.


The character of Birdie is, of course, based on Elvis. Albert (Van Dyke) is his agent and sometime songwriter.  He’s been engaged to Rose (Rivera) for many years waiting to become more financially stable before they get married.  He was supposed to go to college and become an English teacher, but that has gone by the wayside and Rosie is getting tired of waiting.  Albert is overshadowed by his mother who butts into his life every chance she gets and doesn’t get along very well with Rosie.

When it’s announced that Conrad is being drafted, Albert cooks up a going away scheme (the idea is really Rosie’s) to have him give a goodbye kiss to an adoring fan, live on the Ed Sullivan show (ask your parents).  They find Kim MacAfee, in Sweetwater, Ohio, the president of his fan club there to be the recipient to this last kiss.

However, she has a boyfriend, Hugo, who is thinking of asking her to go steady.  General musical theatre comedy mayhem results from bringing Birdie to Sweetwater, being home-hosted by the MacAfee family to great consternation by the father, Harry.

As good musicals do, especially of the time, Kim and Hugo end up together, Albert and Rosie get ready to marry and Albert finally stands up to his mother.

Lots of great songs, lots of fainting by all of Birdie’s fans – male and female – a couple of big dance numbers (nothing too complicated though) and lots of fun roles for teens.